Our Priority

We offer services that will help you gain customers.

Your vehicles, your rules

  • You have total control over prices, policies and regulations regarding your vehicles.

Protect your investment

  • For your own sense of security you can ask customers to buy mixed securities that you offer.

Report any problems

  • If a problem arises, you can report a users misbehaviour and, in extreme cases, it can be blocked by our website.

Security is our priority

  • All users are evaluated for possible fraud and checked for participation in international sanctions lists.

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Benefits of working with us

Either you are already on our website or it is your first time you are in the right place.

You can register any type of vehicles on our website

You can register a scooter, moto, ATV or anything else for free!

Use eBookingmoto.com along with other websites

You can insert more info related to your vehicles.

You will get more reservations frequently

250 reservations are made every day on our website by users all over the world.

We are here for you

Either you are already on our website or it is your first time you are in the right place.

Everyday access to support around the clock

After registering you will get everyday 24-hour support through email or phone. For clarifications check “Help”tab.

Step-by-Step Guidance

We guide you step-by-step on how our platform works, thus ensuring success from the first day.

The biggest reservation platform in the world

How to become a Member

Everything you need to know about your vehicle entry

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Register on eBookingmoto.com

Are you considering registering on eBookingmoto.com? We have created for you a list of answers to the top questions of our partners, so that you can start your registration without any difficulties.


The commission percentage is 14%. 

What is my commission used for?

The commission you pay is refunded on the products and services you use, such as:

  • 24/7 support through phone and email.

  • Promoting the vehicle to search engines and partner sites.

  • Participation in National Advertising.

  • Advertising your company on our website.


Are the fees included in the price I have set?

We believe that the best person to set the prices is you, that is why we do not add anything to your prices, unlike other platforms, where the visitor is charged with extra charges.

How can I set my price?

If you are unsure of the price you wish to set, we provide you with a handy price management tool that will help you optimize your strategy and make quick decisions about the prices you will offer.


How many photos do I need?

To complete your registration you must have at least one photo of each group.

What are some tips for taking the best photos of my vehicles?

  • The higher quality of your photo, the better.

  • Use natural light and avoid flash.

  • Take your photos of a fixed height of about 1.5m.

Legal Requirements

Can I include my property in the list?

Before mentioning your property to eBookingmoto.com it is important to familiarize yourself with the rental regulations for your city, region or country. Some governments and municipalities require vehicle owners to hold and/or issue a special permit stating their location on short-term vehicle rental websites.

Vehicle Traffic Rules

On a road network

  1. Allowed

  2. Not allowed

Channel manager

To easily update your prices on all channels and reduce your chances of  over-booking, we understand the importance of channel managers. This is why we make it easy for you to connect your account to eBookingmoto.com. Just log in to extranet, click “Account” in the navigation, select “Channel Management” from the drop-down list, select your provider and follow the steps described to activate your connection.   

eBookingmoto.com Extranet

The eBookingmoto.com extranet is the control panel for your vehicles. With this, you will have access to all the information that appears on the page of your property, including:

  • Payment Options

  • Policies

  • Vehicles and Prices

  • Photos and Descriptions

  • Reviews

You can also view a file of previous and future reservations, detailed data on the performance of your property, the chance to create offers and more.

To log in to extranet you have to:

  • Go to extranet on eBookingmoto.com

  • Insert your login name and password

  • Select your language and login

The service will be available in 2022

Our Promise

Growing Together

Growing together is  our promise of a stronger era of cooperation. From viewing the latest updates and tools of the platform we are investing in to expanding the content of Solutions, to help you make the right business decisions.

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You asked for ways to increase your income, create better guest experiences and  make your day easier.

We help you make the right business decisions

You have asked us for advice on managing your business. So we will expand the content of solutions to such issues, in order to share with you our own experience and strategy, to address your greatest commercial challenges, such as pricing and ranking.

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You wish to learn more about all the different ways we invest in our partnership. We present you our latest tools  that will help you follow the most of them.

Define the factors that affect your performance

Every step in the process of booking a visitor plays an important role in your success. So we invested in "Moto_Finder", the tool that analyzes your performance and compares it to your competitors. This tool will give you specific tips for your vehicles, so that you can prepare and get back in action stronger.

Moto_Finder will be available in 2022

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You wanted us to show you more of our appreciation towards you. That is why we recognize your contribution and reward you.

e Booking moto.com  Heroes:  Rewarding partners who  make every effort.

Hundreds of travelers from around the world have voted for the eBookingmoto.com Heroes, the partners who made every effort to create unique-unforgettable experiences for their customers. With the screening of each story that won for this year, all three winners of the competition will be announced.

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You asked for more support and guidance due to COVID-19. That is why we do our best in order to help   you and your business during these difficult times.

We know that COVID-19 has a serious impact on you and your business. We are in constant contact with the World Health Organisation, to keep you informed. We are also adding features to our platform that will help you reduce your workload during these difficult times. When travelling is safe again, we will inform you with a detailed Preparation Guide to help you get back to work as soon as possible.

Benefits of joining eBookingmoto.com

Welcome to eBookingmoto.com

Now that we are partners, we will offer you the tools, information, support and visibility you need to grow your business. What to expect when working with us:

We promise you a supportive and innovative partnership


At eBookingmoto.com, we combine many years of experience with consistent data-based information to offer you the services, products and support you need to grow your business. That is why we provide you with the tools, promotion and support you may not have had on your own.

Innovative features and tools

We regularly try new features on our website to make sure you get several bookings from suitable visitors, without increasing your workload. We listen to your comments to continuously improve the user experience of your products: from the eBookingmoto.com extranet to the products of Rental Suite.

Data at your disposal

Our products, tools and services give you detailed information about the performance of your property. You can compare them to your competing set, measure industry rating criteria and design strategies to drive your business to the next level.

Support when you need it

Our customer service team is here to help you and your visitors, seven days a week. We offer telephone support and an exclusive messaging system in 13 languages – as well as through the platform (the Partner Help Center), where you will find: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Manuals and Step-by-Step Guides.

We turn our global viewers into your own visitors

We do not want to brag, but we are proud to be the number one catalyst site for bookings. More than 150 vehicle reservations are made at eBookingmoto.com every day. With such a great customer base, we can help you reach a huge number of potential visitors from all over the world, which means you have access even to new markets in the same place.

Experienced online marketing

We promote your vehicles to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, ensuring that your vehicles are displayed to a huge number of potential visitors in 13 languages. We also promote your vehicles to travelers who plan trips through our 1,150 partners. And, of course, we advertise your property directly to eBookingmoto.com users by personalizing the user experience to help them find the right vehicle, and to help you get the proper visitors.

Continuous innovation that brings more visitors

By running more than 1,000 experiments on our website daily, we offer travelers from around the world a personalized experience. This is for the benefit of your business, since we present your property in a way that attracts more visitors, providing details about your vehicles, locations, facilities and nearby attractions. You also benefit from a steady income, thanks to a simple and easy process, where reservations are immediately confirmed.

How does the payment work?

eBookingmoto.com works with a model based on commission, which means that you pay us a predetermined rate of 14% for each booking made through our website. Information on the exact percentage of commission you pay appears at the Voucher that we will send you.

How can I contact eBooking moto.com ?

We are always here to help you with any questions that may rise through various communication channels.

Send us your clues via email: agencies@ebookingmoto.com or call us (+49 1731889000).You will find the answers you need in the following steps.

Get help from other partners in the Partners Community

The Partners Community is the place where you can connect with other partners, ask for and receive advice that can help grow your business.

The service will be available in 2022.