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These are the terms and conditions that govern all bookings made through our booking services either through our websites, mobile websites, mobile applications, or our booking engine, which is integrated into third party websites (collectively the eBookingmoto.comsites).

All references to eBookingmoto.com”, “We”, “We” or “Us” in these terms refer to eBookingmoto.com" the operator of the eBookingmoto.com websites.

Your use of eBookingmoto.com  and any bookings you make through eBookingmoto.com, subject to these terms and conditions (the “Terms”). Please note that when you access our booking engine on a third-party website, these terms apply only to the use of the booking engine and do not apply to any other use of the third-party website. 

Use of the website

1. As a condition for using this website ensure that (a) you are at least 18 years old, (b) you have the legal capacity to create and undertake legally binding obligations, (c) use this website in accordance with these Terms of Use, (d) use this website only to make legal reservations about you or a third party, for which you are legally authorized to act and (e) all the information you provide and submit to this website is true, accurate, valid and complete.

2. It is prohibited to use this website for the purpose of: illegal activity, violation of international and national laws, regulations, and rules, violation of the copyright of the administrator or third parties, the submission of fraudulent or misleading information, insult, defamation, harassment, harm or discrimination in relation to gender, age, nationality, sexual preference or physical disability, the management of personal data of third parties, sending spam, phish, Pham, sending viruses or malicious codes that can affect the operation of the website on the Internet, obscene or immoral activity.

3. We reserve the right to terminate the access to this website to a user who violates one or more of the above prohibitions.

4. The user must comply with the terms and conditions, applicable law, and any other rules of law or practice or procedure that have been set and put into effect by the site administrator.

About Us

We manage a variety of travel-related services that are offered by different travel service providers.

We, as a travel and booking agency, act as an intermediary for products and services not directly provided by us. We are not co-suppliers of these products and services. When you make a reservation through our website, you automatically enter into a separate contract with these providers-local travel agents in relation to those products and services. Therefore, we are not part of the contractual relationship you enter into with the provider-local travel agent and we have no responsibility for the products and services that are offered. If you would like to contact us in relation to your use of the eBookingmoto.com sites, or in connection with a booking of travel services, please email us at info@ebookingmoto.com.

  1. Bookings, payment, and  Best Price Guarantee 

1.1 We don’t charge any booking fees from our customers, you only pay the amount specified in the booking confirmation (voucher), except in cases specified in the voucher and in the terms and conditions of the rental company (taxes or additional fees may not be included, please check the rental rules thoroughly for any such conditions prior to making your reservation).

1.2 When you book a vehicle on our website, you only pay a deposit, which is automatically calculated by our system (usually 14% of the total price), collected by eBookingmoto.com on behalf of the rental company and is Non-Refundable. A deposit is paid through an external payment provider, who assumes full responsibility for the security of payments. eBookingmoto.com does not receive or store your bank details or credit card details and is not responsible in case of problems related to your payment process on the part of the payment service provider. However, eBookingmoto.com will provide informational support to all customers, in case there are difficulties with payment.

1.3 The remaining part of the total price is paid directly to the rental company when you receive a vehicle (with cash or card, as the rental company allows and in the rental company’s currency).

1.4 We facilitate the processing and booking of Vehicle rental and other travel services. We do not provide, own or run any travel services ourselves and in particular, we do not provide, own or run any rental.

1.5 You confirm that you are of sufficient age to legally use the eBookingmoto.com  websites, to enter into a contract, and create binding legal obligations, which may result from the use of eBookingmoto.com  websites.  Understand that you are financially responsible for all uses of eBookingmoto.com websites by you and other parties using your login information.

1.6 When you make a booking using the eBookingmoto.com sites, you agree to enter into a travel service agreement and your travel service contract (including rental) is entered into with any local dealer, not eBookingmoto.com, as we only act as an agent for providing the travel services. We are not responsible for the non-fulfillment of any booking made through eBookingmoto.com or for the quality of any vehicles or any other travel services booked. 

1.7 Please note that all bookings are subject to the booking conditions that appear to you before you confirm your booking (“Booking Terms”).

1.8 The eBookingmoto.com  voucher/e-Voucher must be presented to the vehicle rental company upon receipt of your vehicle. We cannot be held liable for rentals rejected if a voucher is not provided.

1.9 We guarantee that you are getting the lowest possible price at the time of booking. Be careful to make sure that the price you found contains everything you requested from eBookingmoto.com , such as insurance, cc, taxes, etc.

1.10 Our Best Price Guarantee Offer doesn’t apply if: 1) You make a reservation through a website that does not disclose the rental company or type of vehicle you will receive or does not provide you with valid information, 2) You make a reservation using: Special membership prices, frequent user rates, rewards points or any reward programs or special offers available by the rental company. Contact us after pick-up time.

1.11 The currency converter is for information purposes and actual prices may vary. The base price is set in the rental company’s currency. The final price and currencies accepted by the rental company are specified in the booking confirmation (voucher).

1.12 Obvious errors and mistakes (including misprints) are not binding.

  1. Making and Cancelling a Booking

2.1 When making a reservation, you will be required to pay a non-refundable 14% deposit (as a partial payment to the total value of your reservation) which will always be non-refundable, unless otherwise stated, such as a voucher for a later reservation. We collect this deposit for and on behalf of the relevant travel services provider-local agent. You pay part of the total price at that moment and upon arrival.
Save as set out in the Booking Conditions, or the travel service provider’s terms and conditions. You will be responsible to the travel services provider on arrival for paying the balance of the cost of the reservation you made, in addition to the advance payment, as well as any other payments for any additional services subsequently agreed with the travel services provider (including rent) and, where applicable, the payment of fees and taxes by the travel services provider service, according to the terms and conditions of trade applied by such travel services provider.

2.2 You must use a credit card or debit card to guarantee a reservation. By making a reservation with your credit or debit card, you agree to accept the relevant cancellation and no-show policy of the travel services provider as set out in its terms and conditions. In case you cancel your reservation outside the allowed timeframe specified in the travel service provider’s terms and conditions (or you fail to arrive by your agreed pick-up time), you authorize the travel services provider to charge to your credit or debit card without further reference to your amount you were due to pay on arrival or such other amount that may be set out in the travel service provider’s terms and conditions. Bear in mind that there will be no additional charges for cancellations or no-shows, only the amount you agreed to pay on arrival. You will not be refunded the cost of any part of your reservation in such circumstances.

2.3 Your non-arrival by the agreed pick-up time may result in the cancellation of your entire booking. Any amendments to your reservation must be notified to and agreed directly with the travel services provider (but no refund of all or any part of the deposit will be made). When making a reservation it is your responsibility to inform the travel services provider/local representative of any requirements or special benefits that you or a member of your party may need as a result of any medical conditions.

2.4 When a booking is confirmed we will issue the booking confirmation on behalf of the travel agent/local representative for each booking, but we will not provide information about any charges for additional services. We will try to ensure that the booking confirmation includes details of all taxes charged by the travel services provider, in relation to which please see clause 8.9 below. We strongly recommend that you check and confirm with the travel services provider the precise terms and conditions under which the travel services provider makes the committed service available to you upon receipt of the booking confirmation. The reference numbers included in the booking confirmation should be quoted in all inquiries, cancellations, or modifications of the booking.

2.5 You may cancel your booking in accordance with the provider’s cancellation policy as stated in the booking confirmation and detailed rental company’s description page. This is normally at least 72 hours before your agreed pick-up date. After 72 hours all other charges are valid, except for the deposit, which has already been withheld and is not refundable. Please cancel by accessing the cancellation feature available on  eBookingmoto.com.

2.6 If you make a reservation and then cancel it, regardless of how many days' notice you give, deposits will be non-refundable. Customers should bear in mind that, even although your deposit and booking fee will be non-refundable in any case, you must give the amount of notice specified by the travel services provider in its cancellation policy, in order to avoid being charged an additional payment for a “no show” (see clause 2.2 above).

2.7 The deposit that you pay will be paid in the currency of your choice as your “settlement currency” when making your booking. Where the rental company price was uploaded by the travel services provider in a different currency, the deposit amount that you will be charged in your settlement currency will be calculated by converting the deposit price into your settlement currency using eBookingmoto.com  standard exchange rates.

  1. Liability and Disclaimers

3.1 In case of a problem arising with your rental or other travel services, you should contact the travel agent/local representative. If you have a problem with the booking that you have made via eBookingmoto.com please contact us directly via info@ebookingmoto.com

3.2 We are acting solely as an agent on behalf of the travel service provider and, therefore, we are not a party to the contract between you and the travel services provider to provide travel services (including rental) and we have no responsibility to you concerning the terms of that contract. For example, we are not responsible for:

(a) the fulfillment of a booking made through eBookingmoto.com , including any acts or omissions of travel services providers, any cancellation of a booking by a travel services provider for any reason whatsoever or any failure to provide all or any part of the booked service by that provider; or

(b) any error or failure while making or recording a reservation due to any circumstances that are beyond our control (such as a power outage).

3.3 Neither we nor any of our directors, employees, or other representatives will be responsible for you (or any member of your corporate group, your associates or any other person or party interested in booking) for: (i) indirect, direct, special or consequential loss or damages, (ii) loss of data, income, profits, business opportunities, reputation, goodwill or (iii) loss or damage to property, in any case arising out of or in connection with the use of any information, products, services, facilities and/or material provided through eBookingmoto.com , even if we have been informed of the possibility of such loss or damage, or such loss or damages were reasonably foreseeable.

3.4 Our maximum total liability to you (and any other party interested in the reservation) in relation to any reservation made through us (either in contract, tort or otherwise) will be limited solely to the value of the deposit that has been paid for that reservation. Before making a reservation, you should ensure that you have reviewed the travel services provider’s terms and conditions and that they are acceptable to you.

3.5 We conduct regular inspections of companies listed on eBookingmoto.com  and regular inspections of rents. The registration of any travel services (including rental) on eBookingmoto.com  is not and should not be taken as a specific recommendation from us or as a representation that the travel services will be suitable for your purpose or that the travel services will be of any particular quality.

3.6 We do not warrant that the information published on the eBookingmoto.com sites will be error-free or that the eBookingmoto.com sites will be virus or bug-free.

3.7 By uploading photos/images to our system (e.g adding it as a comment) you certify, guarantee and agree that you own the copyright to the photos/images and agree that eBookingmoto.com  may use the photos/images you upload to the website (for mobile phones) and its applications, as well as in online/offline promotional material and similar publications, at the discretion of eBookingmoto.com . You provide eBookingmoto.com  with an exclusive, global, irrevocable, permanent and unconditional right to use, reproduce, display, distribute, endorse, communicate and share photos/images at the discretion of eBookingmoto.com. By uploading these photos/images, the person uploading them assumes full legal and moral responsibility for any legal claims by third parties (including among others, local representatives) due to the publication and use of these photos/images by eBookingmoto.comeBookingmoto.com  does not own or endorse photos/images uploaded by users. Reliability, validity, and the right to use all photos/images belong to the person uploading the photo and eBookingmoto.com  is not responsible. eBookingmoto.com  disclaims any responsibility for the photos posted. The person uploading the photo guarantees that the photos/images do not contain viruses, Trojan horses, or malicious files, nor do they contain pornographic, illegal, obscene, offensive, racist or inappropriate content and do not infringe the copyright of third parties (copyright or personal information). Any photo/image that does not meet the above criteria will not be posted and/or can be removed/deleted by eBookingmoto.com  at any time without notice.

  1. Credit and Debit Card Security

 We make reasonable efforts to ensure that all credit and debit card transactions carried out via eBookingmoto.com are secure. However, if unauthorized charges appear on your credit or debit card statement for any card used on eBookingmoto.com  at any time during or after your booking, conduct your transaction or disclose your card details on eBookingmoto.com , so the company will not be liable or responsible in any way regarding any damage or loss of any nature you suffer from or in any way associated with such use, transaction or disclosure, unless such unauthorized charges appear as a direct result of our negligence and are subject to any legal rights you may have.

  1. Copyrights and Web-Links

 The information, content, software, graphics, text, sounds, images, buttons, trademarks, service marks, trade names and logos (“Materials”) contained in eBookingmoto.com  are protected by copyright, trademarks, database rights, and any other copyright.

   6.Terms of Use Modifications

We reserve the right to modify or update from time to time, without notice. The current version of the Terms of Use will appear on the website from the date on which any changes take effect. If you continue to use the website after any changes to the Terms of Use, then you automatically accept these changes.

   7.Various Settings

7.1 The Terms of Use constitute a single legal agreement between the user and the administrator and govern the use of the website by the user.

7.2 The user unconditionally accepts that the administrator may provide notifications, including those regarding modifications of the Terms of Use,by e-mail, conventional mail, or announcements.

7.3 Delay or refusal by the administrator of eBookingmoto.com  to exercise any right, either once or repeatedly, in no case implies a waiver of this right, which may be exercised at any time.

7.4 In case of invalidity of any provision of these terms of use, the user expressly and unconditionally accepts that it will be replaced by another term of equivalent effect by the site administrator. In any case, the rest of the terms are still valid and strong.

   8.Privacy Policy

8.1 The subject of this policy is the definition of the basic principles and rules, according to which, processing and storage of personal data are conducted, as defined by EU law and in particular by the European General Regulation or GDPR.

8.2 We take all reasonable, technical, and organizational measures to safeguard personal data, subject to applicable law, binding provision, or contract, which defends principles for fair handling and adequate protection of personal data.

We are committed to ensuring that all personal data contained in eBookingmoto.com is legally and transparently processed, according to the principles of legality, proportionality, confidentiality and integrity, limitation of purpose and accuracy, specific data retention time, and minimization of data.

Your personal data will neither be sold nor given to third parties in any way. The legal basis for processing your personal data on a case-by-case basis may be:

(a) your consent, (b) the need to process your data in the performance of our contractual obligation, (c) the need to process your data in compliance with our legal obligation and (d) the need to process your data in the context of safeguarding our legitimate interests.

8.3 We make sure that data subjects are able to exercise the rights recognized by law regarding the collection and processing of personal data. These rights are the following:

The right to access data- The right to correct data-The right to delete data- The right to restrict data processing -The right to data portability- The right to object to data processing. Each request of the person/ subject is submitted to the email address:   info@ebookingmoto.com .

8.4 Your personal data is retained for a limited time, depending on the purpose of processing, after which the personal data is deleted from our files unless otherwise required by applicable law. 

9. About Insurances

 What Renters Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Lost, or Damaged Keys

Damages to the underside of the vehicle

A flat tire caused by dirt or stony road, or nail

Traffic Violations

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Participation in a racing

Fall into the sea

Damages by pets

Your Property  Stolen  items, left in plain sight

Items damaged by natural disasters such us:  Flooding, hail or earthquakes, etc.
Check the  insurance covered  terms of the local agent”